kailey. whether we see each other next weekend, next month, never again, it doesn't matter. it's only time +

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​​​ I turn my cheek, music up, ​and I’m puffing my chest. ​I’m getting ready to face you, ​can call me obsessed. ​It’s not your fault that they hover, ​I mean no disrespect, it’s my right to be hellish, ​I still get jealous 

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Aria and Ezra, 5.13 Christmas sneak peek

let’s play guess the crime!

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c a r e about him.

HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY NICK JONAS!  (September 16, 1992 | Dallas, Texas)

"First tweet of 2014. Second tweet of 2014. Third tweet of 2014. How annoying would it be if I tweeted 2014 times." 

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Ian: *comes home inexplicably bruised and battered*
Ian: *stays in bed for days on end*
Ian: *stays out all night and drinks himself to sleep*
Ian: *shows obvious signs of depression/suicide*
Ian: *leaves home for weeks (during the school year)*
Ian: *maintains literally no contact except for like two texts*
Debbie: Have you guys heard from Ian?
Fiona: Debs listen... I trust him. It's fine.
Lip: Who dat

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